Let Candle Cinema Light The Way 

Service Logos
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Development Candle


~ It all starts with an idea. Our team of writers and producers develop the scripts, schedules, budgets, and business plans needed to ensure your media stands upon a solid foundation. 

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Production Logo


~ Successful productions are formed when teams of craftsmen work together to tell engaging stories. With our network of industry leading directors, cinematographers, and production designers, we can ensure your media receives the finest production available. 

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Animation Logo

Animation / VFX

~ In order to bring imagination to life, we employ some of the world’s top animation and visual FX artists. Motion Capture, 3D Modeling, and fully immersive VR experiences are just some of the latest technologies we use to create rich and engaging content.

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Finishing Logo


~ In the final cut and polish,  our editors, sound designers, and colorists work together to prep your media for broadcast. Our talented technicians and sophisticated tools ensure flawless delivery.

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